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  Exotic Wedding Planner gets a contract to arrange for Sangeet Ceremony for a mega wedding in California, USA.
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looking for talented dancers, anchors, choreographers.
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Sangeet Sandhya Theme

Exotic Wedding Planners is here to make your wedding celebrations even more special by assisting you in setting up dance routines for. If you are based in USA/UK or any other part of the world and are looking for only wedding dance themes, selection of songs or sangeet sandhya theme then we can help you. You can email us at with your requirements and we will get back to you.

Setting up of Dance routine(s)
Exotic Wedding Planners helps you set up a full-fledged dance routine(s). Tell us what song you have in mind (it could be the bride’s favorite song or the one that the groom loves…anything!) and we’ll set up steps for you to dance to. Don’t worry, we won’t choreograph steps that involve splits and high kicks (of course not unless you want us to). We’re open to altering any of the dance steps to suit any or all of the performer’s abilities. Practice makes perfect!

Song selection
It’s great if you have a song picked out for the dance routine that you want to perform. Though don’t stress it if you don’t. Exotic Wedding Planners will help you choose an appropriate song to suit the mood of the event in which you want to perform in. You could tell us what message you’re trying to deliver through your routine or what theme you want it to run in and we’ll give you a list of songs that we think best match your descriptions.

Song editing and mixing
Want to dance to a bhangra and a hip hop dance but don’t want it to be two separate routines? Sangeet can edit and mix songs to suit the effect that you are after. Now you can infuse your Bhangra song with a hip hop number and have a fun song to groove to!

Dance rehearsals
We can help you set up a dance in as many as 10 days or as few as 2 days! Depending on your time availability, the elaborateness of the routine you want to perform and of course the dancing abilities of the participants, we’ll advice how many days you’d require to get the dance ready!

Setting up of dances to a certain theme
Do you have a certain theme for the wedding or any of the events surrounding the wedding? Want to incorporate the theme into the celebrations and dances that you want to perform? Sure! Just let us know what kind of theme you’d like to adopt and we’ll do our best in picking songs and setting up steps to compliment your celebration theme.